Site Rules

General rules

The following actions are prohibited

  • Arguing openly with a moderator.
  • Insulting or flaming other members.
  • Artificially manipulating the rating systems or the user review system.
  • Sending other members viruses and malware in an attempt to hack, phish, or DDoS them.
  • Bypassing filters. Trying to evade blocks by other members and other regulatory measures to contact them.
  • Abusing or encouraging abuse of the post reporting system.
  • Selling your account or server.
  • Impersonating other members in a deceptive manner.
  • Cheating, game exploits.
  • Spam posts.

Breaking law

All the applicable laws; local, national, and international, must be respected while using our services. Activities and any content soliciting, encouraging, offering illegal activities is prohibited. These include but not limited to;

  • Support or promotion of violent extremism.
  • Distribution and providing access to content involving, cracking, stolen accounts, hacking and distribution of pirated software.
  • Sharing content that promotes suicide and self-harm actions such as encouraging others to cut themselves and embracing eating disorders.
  • Promoting the sharing of non-consensual images.
  • Stalking, defaming, harassing, or otherwise violating the rights of privacy and publicity of other members.

Nudity, pornography, and other related sexual content

  • Sharing of offensive sexual content, nudes, and pornographic content is prohibited. This includes the content which a reasonable viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a formal setting such as a workplace or the public. Sharing of such content will lead to suspension.

Violence and threats

  • Any acts or threats of violence will be taken seriously. These acts are considered zero tolerance. Any account associated with these acts will be subject to suspension. 

If you see any activity that violates these rules and guidelines report the post or item by clicking on the report icon that is located on every post item or review for the moderators to take the necessary action.

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